Polyurethane (PUR)

The classic PUR-RIM process

Strike-proof. Safe. Durable. From RIM structural foam systems to rigid polyurethane systems and advanced RIM composite systems, we offer a wide range of polyurethane systems for almost every application profile.

PUR composite system

The epoxy resin alternative. Sandwich components can be produced without solvents or styrene using the wet pressing process. Sustainable fibre materials such as glass or natural fibres are used, which give the composite element excellent mechanical properties as well as high impact strength and rigidity. The weight remains low thanks to the rigid foam core.

Integration of functional parts

Guaranteed functional versatility All PUR components can be fitted with inserts (threaded bushes, bolts) to integrate brackets and fastenings. These can be inserted both during the foaming process and afterwards. Stiffening elements can also be integrated during the foaming process.

CNC milling

Precise adaptations. Geometries and contours that cannot be produced using tools are subsequently individually and precisely incorporated using our 5-axis CNC milling machines.

Surface finishing

Design without limits. Colours and surfaces can sometimes be applied as part of the mould, which is known as IMC (in-mould coating). Alternatively, the desired surfaces can also be realised through subsequent painting processes. Whether matt or high-gloss, smooth or textured - there are no limits to the surface design.


Complex assemblies. Whether it's the insertion of reinforcements manufactured in-house or the assembly and bonding of complex assemblies - we take on the challenge. On request, we can act as a system supplier so that you can work according to the "plug and play" principle.