Over 30 years of experience:
Caravans, construction machinery & agricultural machinery

Proven expertise
for diverse markets

In recent years, we have gained extensive experience in various industries, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, caravans, municipal and commercial vehicles and special machinery. These diverse markets utilise our advanced technologies and customised solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Our long-standing customers value our reliability, our technical expertise and the high quality of our products. We are proud of the long-standing loyalty of our customers and look forward to working with new customers who place their trust in us. Together, we want to develop innovative and creative solutions that meet the constantly growing demands of your markets.

We know the customer markets

Discover how our customised solutions and advanced technologies can drive your business forward. Let's set new standards together.

Industry know-how

  • Caravan - The caravan sector places high demands on shape and colour. FORMTEC supplies components that fulfil these requirements perfectly. Shapes with optimum strength and rigidity are combined with high-quality, durable surfaces in a wide range of colours. Our portfolio includes both vacuum-moulded and painted PUR parts, reinforced, overmoulded or painted. These components combine aesthetics and functionality and make a decisive contribution to the quality of every caravan model.
  • Construction machinery - The right combination of materials makes all the difference when it comes to construction machinery. Bonnets made of polyurethane, reinforced with glued-in deep-drawn parts and equipped with noise insulation and a sealing lip can leave our factory fully assembled on request. These solutions not only offer perfect protection and robustness, but also solve mounting and fastening problems through the customised integration of functional parts that have been specially developed for your application. FORMTEC fulfils the high demands of the industry with innovative, customised products.
  • Agricultural machinery - For years, we have been manufacturing high-performance vehicle roofs for commercial vehicles in the agricultural sector, which have proven themselves in practice many times over. Combine harvester roofs in particular benefit from our expertise. They are manufactured using a classic combination of vacuum moulding and polyurethane processing and thus offer an excellent balance between stability and weight. Our solutions are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in agriculture while increasing the comfort and efficiency of the machines.